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“Gardeners of Eden” Coming Soon on Netflix. Stay Tuned!!

Genre: Documentary, Drama & Adventure


This plot is the documentary on Africa’s elephants who are moving towards destruction to feed the astray ivory sales. When the communalist and the government were failed to inscribe the open-ended massacre, one brave family stood up who has been working for decades to arise the flow, one elephant at a time. It is gripping, and from the person’s perspective inside the services of Kenya’s David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. From the front, the crisis that we witness, the valorous efforts they put to stop the poachers in the shrubbery, rescue the children of slaughtered elephants and raise them till the day they return to their home in the wild.

Release Date:

This is already released in 2014, but it is coming very soon on Netflix.


The main cast includes Daphne Sheldrick, Nick Trent, and Julius Shivenga.

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