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‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Fans Fly Banners High Over the Oscars Ceremony Held in Hollywood Demanding For A Sequel!

Enthusiasts of a year ago’s science fiction flick Alita: Battle Angel has taken their battle for Alita: Battle Angel 2 to the skies. They have been requesting that Disney greenlight a spin-off of the 2019 motion picture. Furthermore, they have now assembled a flag and procured a put in.

The flag was spotted by a participant at the Oscars, vlogger Jessica Chobot. He posted a picture of it to online life alongside an inscription. It summarised exactly how excellent the endeavors of Alita fans truly are.

The flag was decorated with the well-known hashtags “#AlitaSequel” and “#AlitaArmy”. It with no uncertainty purchased a blend of grins and disarray from spectators. Maybe there were even some triumphant clench hand punches towards the sky. They were by those fans who share in the battle for a continuation. This comes as of late after fans naming themselves as the Alita Army took to social media.

The picture was snapped while the pennant flew over the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, which was where the 92nd Academy Awards were held. As indicated by reports the pennant was paid for by the fearless Alita Army after they had the option to bring $1,810 up in gifts from different fans who likewise wish to see a subsequent hit movie theaters.

What Is Alita About?

Alita: Battle Angel was discharged a year ago, and originates from visionary movie producers James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. The film follows Alita, played by Rosa Salazar. She is taken in by Christoph Waltz’s Ido, a merciful specialist. He understands that someplace right now she is the vessel of a young lady with an unprecedented past.

It is just when the dangerous and degenerate powers that pursue the city come to Alita. It is then that she finds a piece of information about her past. She has extraordinary battling capacities that people with great influence will remain determined to control. On the off chance that she can avoid their grip, she could be the way to sparing her companions, her family and the world she’s developed to love. Alita: Battle Angel is an epic, steampunk experience of expectation, strengthening and, obviously, adrenaline-siphoning activity.

Alita: Battle Angel took years to get off the ground, for the film, unfortunately, proceeding to fail to meet expectations monetarily, leaving a continuation something of a since quite a while ago shot. The motion picture got a luke-warm gathering from pundits however has since picked up a remarkable fan following, with the standard no uncertainty only the beginning of the battle for an Alita sequel we will ideally one day see work out as expected. Furthermore, this comes to us from Jessica Chobot’s Official Twitter Account.

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