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Everything You Should Know About Netflix’s The Society Season 2!!

The first season of The Society was exquisite, received the warmth from the desired audience. A well-sculpted plot and a twisting concept powered the show all through its first season. The fans were expecting a quick return of the show with its season 2. So Christopher Keyser, who has written and managed the whole show, did reply to the fans last year. A positive gesture of an early announcement for The Society Season 2.

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The Announcement of The Society Season 2

So, since the announcement was made by the cast and crew through a video. The hype has been on top form and the second season has become one of the most anticipated shows for the year 2020

The Society Season 2 Announcement

Release Date

So accordingly, with the super exciting news of the second season being made. It was announced that the production started at the end of last year. It is more or less scheduled to release by May 2020 positively.


At the end of the first season, it was seen that most of the characters were alive and ready to rumble in the second instalment. So the return of the main and core group of actors like Catherine Newton, Christine Froseth, Jake Calliman, Tobias Wallace, Salana Qureshi, Gideon Adlon, and many more of the charismatic actors will be present. Sources say that Chaske Spencer, the bus driver who took the kids from the school, is to be playing a longer and denser role this season.

What to expect from The Society Season 2

So, Campbell (Tobias Wallace) being completely ruthless at the end of the first season, there is a lot of him to be discovered in the next season. New Ham is going to see a decline over the period of the second season. There are so many other sub-plots to be given importance. It will be played with by the makers for a better and fairer second season.

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