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The Photograph: The Eye Pleasing Love Story

This Stella Meghie Love conquest is a well-shot cinema with bits and pieces to woo you and mesmerize you through the world of love. Not quite orthodox, but a new-age take on the genre of romance. Stella has been very keen on revisiting the genre of love in various other ways. The Photograph has a concept which has been there in the circuit for a while, but hardly anyone can ace it.

the photograph

What is The Photograph About?

This Stella Meghie piece of art is a visual treat about a few intertwined love stories based on various timelines. How every relationship has its own graph and not necessarily a graph has a majority of ups or downs.


LaKeith Stanfield, Issa Rae, Rob Morgan, and many more sublime actors are making their presence felt. The cast has done an exquisite job and has left no table unturned. If we talk about casting, then this movie is very similar to the Marvel mega-movie Black Panther.

Direction and Writing

Stella Meghie wrote and directed the movie. This movie was well directed as well as written. Though it had its fair share of loops and flaws, but is an apt Valentine watch. It is pleasing to the eye when you watch it just cause of the screenplay and direction. Meghie has been aware of the genre with her previous ventures like Everything, Everything, and The Weekend. She plays it safe with the casting as well as she backs the acting aces for her torchbearer roles.


The Photograph has its own pro and cons, but this movie could not do wonders in the Box Office. Either way, this movie won a lot of hearts only cause the release was very smartly placed on the 14th of Feb 2020. It is definitely a Valentine’s movie. Though this movie lacked on marketing and was thirsty for a big A list star in it. Solely was resting up Stanfield and Rae, who are not bad actors at all, but they are not globally acclaimed superstars too.

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