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Sonic The Hedgehog : Critics Hate It But Fans Love It!! Why Is This So Read To Know More!!

A highly anticipated game movie was due for a long time. When Sonic The Hedgehog was announced there where so speculations of whether the film is going to work or not. Rather many came up, and short rebelled for not spoiling the video game saga via films. Then Paramount decided upon the future of the project and gave it a green signal.


Fans Were Served

On the latter half of 2019, Sonic The Hedgehog trailer was released, and then there was huge commotion cause of the fans revolting for the design of the protagonist’s appearance. Then the VFX team worked a lot for the fans and maintained the demands. Re-released the trailer with a newer look and then fans were satisfied. Also, the re-released trailer had more of Jim Carrey, who plays Dr Robotnik (antagonist).

Release of Sonic The Hedgehog

The re-released trailer did justice to the fans, and there was enough hype for the game-movie. Though everyone will anticipated that the critics never well appreciate game-movies and so did it happen. 14th February 2020 was the release date. The fans well appreciate the movie. Some favourite fan elements from the game were included in the movie as a tribute. Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey justified their performances in their respective roles. Schwartz had his pitch-perfect voiceover for the protagonist and Dr Robotnik played by Jim Carrey was the gem of the movie, surely a casting brilliance. Despite having some uneven, choppy edits and poor Visual Effects. There are many moments which won over the fans all over again, such as a Quicksilveresque scene with the Hedgehog doing the wonders.

Though this movie has not been up to the mark, it is undoubtedly exclaimed as a start of a franchise which with time will only exceed the cinematic experience of it.

Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer

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