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The Ghost Bride : Everything You Should Know About It!!

Ghost Bride has been a beautiful yet dark redemption to a strange genre of love and horror in Netflix. This Taiwanese/Malaysian Series is just what you want to see or rather binge on Netflix. After Parasite winning the Best Movie Academy Award, it was considered and more so anticipated that there will be a grand opening on world cinema. So, when it comes to world entertainment, Netflix could not stay away from it. The number one OTT platform is celebrating world entertainment and talents on a scale that people can only imagine. The Ghost Bride could easily fall into that category of brilliance.

The cast of The Ghost Bride

Huang Peijia plays the role of the ghost bride Li Lan, a whip-smart and compassionate woman. Known for her roles in “Roseki” and “Cha Cha for Twins.” Taiwanese actor Wu Kang Ren plays the male protagonist, Er Lang. He is famous for his role in “A Touch of Green,” “Autumn’s Concerto” and “White Ant.” Power Rangers¬†and¬†Aquaman actor Ludi Lin joins the cast as Tian Bai and Malaysian-Mandarin language music expert and theatre artist Tian Tze Kuang, Janet Hsieh (Fun Taiwan, A Bread Factory). To convey the message of the piece to the viewers. The importance of the cast is so mandated. The casting needs to be on point if it has to be well organized.


The Ghost Bride is a Netflix Original that supports the story of a young woman, Li Lan, and her family, living in the 1980s Malacca. The story starts when Li Lan gets a proposal to marry the son of a wealthy family; the only catch is that the son is dead. It is when after she commits to the deed, she realizes that its the family which has some sinister truths hidden in it. A very interesting plot and a very unique one too. Jan 23rd, 2020, all the episodes were released for viewing on Netflix.


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