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Can We See A Return of Comicstaan AnyTime Soon??

Amazon Prime dropped the teaser for the second one season of Comicstaan. The collection is ready to drop at the OTT platform on July 12 and guarantees some laughs coming to your manner. The first season of the show noticed the pinnacle comedians in India hold a truth opposition for 10 upcoming comics to crown the excellent stand-up comic out of all of them. All the contestants are taught an exclusive style of comedy from each of the judges and are scored based totally on their 4-minute set. The one with the maximum points wins the identity alongside a cash prize in the end. The 2nd season is expected to do the same too, but this time, we’re seeing some new judges on the panel and manifestly a whole new set of contestants.

In the trailer, we first see Biswa Kalyan Rath, who also became the mentor/decide on season one, cracking a comic story while an aircraft he’s in seems to be taking place. And then we cut to some glimpses of the show and understand what to expect.

Who Be Will A Part Of Comicstaan 2?

In the clips, we see comedians like Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Kaneez Surka, and Biswa Kalyan Rath hold their spots as judges/mentors. We also see the more recent judges, i.E. Zakir Khan, Neeti Palta, and Sumukhi Suresh, who turned into in reality, the host in the last season. Abish Mathew might be hosting the show over again with Urooj Ashfaq. Who had additionally regarded on some other comedy truth show called Queens of Comedy.

Contestants Of The Show

Out of the short glimpses seen on display. We did understand two of the contestants from viral videos floating around. The contestant who appears to have the maximum display screen time within the trailer is Akash Gupta. He has some of his sketches on YouTube, and his humor is, in particular, focused around the happenings in Delhi.

Another comic we identified is Raunak Rajani. He additionally does observational comedy and has some sketches up on YouTube. He is a lawyer with the aid of a career but has pretty the humorous bone.

We additionally stuck a glimpse of comic Supriya, aka Superwoman, in the trailer additionally. But we’re no longer precisely positive what function she performs in right here.

The finale of the season will once again be held in Opera House, similar to the primary time around. Last year, out of the 10 comedians, Nishant Suri won the identity in conjunction with a cash prize of ₹10 lakh. With Rahul Dua and Prashasti Singh in 2nd and 0.33 place. Tanmay Bhat, Sapan Verma, and Naveen Richards were additionally at the judges/mentors panel ultimate yr. Comicstaan turned into the most-streamed original show in India on Amazon Prime, earlier than Mirzapur took its vicinity.

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