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The Amazom Prime Forgotten Army Could Act As a Source of Nationalism Among The Indians!!

As the people of India are getting more interested about their ancestors and history, there is a growing interest in an entity whose life was always riddled by mystery. Subhash Chandra Bose was a character of great persona and also a person who is often lost and ignored in the history books. Why is that? What was his contribution to the Indian Freedom Struggle? What was the Azad Hind Army? Kabir Khan has come up with all the answers in his recent stint, The Forgotten Army. The show revolves around the real Azad Hind Fauj amidst war and love. The five-episode series has been critically acclaimed and has become quite popular.

Khan essentially focuses on three characters from the Indian National Army. Lieutenant Sodhi (Sunny Kaushal), his friend Arshad (Rohit Chaudhary), and his love interest, who also enlists herself in the National Army Maya (Sharvari Wagh). It is a compelling period drama that focuses on broad topics of history and the Indian National Army with personal aspects. INA was joined not only by captured soldiers but also by many Indians who were settled in South East Asia in the hope of liberating India from the British. It fills you with a new nationalist sentiment and a love for your country. The struggles and strength of character the soldiers possessed marks for a reminiscent of the past era and the bloodied history of our ancestors. It’s amazing to see a woman team in the Army. This was definitely ahead of the time when women were considered weak and dependent on men. The character of Maya, the leading lady, is a true blue feminist. It’s heartwarming to see a strong representation of women in a war drama.

There’s a lot of politics involved with INA, but Khan keeps clear of it. His sole focus here is to tell a story about forgotten heroes who don’t even get a mention in our history books. It’s saddening that soldiers who thought they were working for the cause of a free India have been discarded as if their contributions are not valuable enough. The strong background score also invokes the patriotism. It fills you with pride and love for a great nation.

One should definitely give this one a watch as it echoes the sentiments of forgotten history, a forgotten era, and forgotten people.

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