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Katrina: Sneak Peek Into Her Life During Quarantine!!


With the world coming off due to the Corona outbreak, our Bolly town celebs are confined at home and spending some self-time during this period. All production of movies is called off, and promotional events have stopped. This sudden break has provided a much-needed break for some of them, and they seem to be taking this quite wonderfully.
So how do our favorite diva, Katrina, been doing all these while?
Let’s take a look.


Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi was supposed to be released on the 24th of April 2020. Had it been some other phase, we would’ve seen her promoting the movie in the full period. But due to the lockdown, we see a cloud of uncertainty over the release of the film. However, our Star is not at all worried about that; it seems. Positively taken the fact that nothing lies in our hands as of now, and we must give way to our fate at times. However, her indomitable spirits are not subdued to this situation, and she seems to be spending some real quality time with herself locked up at home.


She posted a video of her playing the guitar, which was taken positively by her fans. It meant like a gust of wind amidst the social lockdown. She is seen digitally interacting with her fans and making appeals to the citizens of India to be responsible and take the utmost care of them.
We do get to see her humanistic side too when she posted a video of washing her utensils. She has given her maid and house staff leaves to stay at home in this disastrous situation. She did her everyday chores and even posted a video of it. A jab into the faces of the critics who call the Celeb opportunists and humans lacking a sense of humanity. Her actions are evidence of the person she is, and her fans hope that after this lockdown is over, we’ll get to see more of her movies and see our charming lady through the stairs of success.

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