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Heidi Klum Takes Coronavirus Test After Feeling ‘Feverish’ And The RESULTS Are Here!!!

Heidi Klum recently self-quarantined herself. She did so a week ago when she first feared that she was showing the symptoms of coronavirus. However, on March 24, the ‘AGT’ judge finally shared her test results.

Heidi Klum has been feeling sick for over a week. She was showing symptoms that are similar to those linked with the coronavirus. She had to patiently wait to get tested. It was due to a lack of kits. However, she was finally able to get one and now, the results are finally here. The 46-year-old told on Instagram on March 24 that she does not have the disease. She posted a photo of herself laying outside in the open and looking up at the blue sky. Klum wrote, “Day 14 of staying — H❤️ME — #covid_19negative”. WHAT A RELIEF!

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Day 14 of staying H❤️ME #covid_19negative

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America’s Got Talent judge returned home from her work with March 10, not long before tryouts were starting in Pasadena, CA. At first, it was made light of that she simply had a cold. However, on March 13 she revealed she likewise had a fever. “It began with a chill, feeling hot, hack, runny rose… um, I’m simply not feeling better. In this way, that is the reason I’ve remained at home [from AGT] not to contaminate anybody,” she said in an Instagram story.

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“I believe it’s only a normal fever,” the former Project Runway host said in a frail voice during her Instagram video. “I couldn’t imagine anything better than to do than the corona[virus] test. However, there simply isn’t any kit here. I’ve tried to get one from two different doctors. However, I can’t get one. Everybody, please be safe. Remain at home if you don’t feel better,” she proceeded.

Which Other Celebrities Have Contracted Coronavirus?

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Big names have not been safe from getting the coronavirus. Tom Hanks, 63, was the first famous star to uncover that he and his wife Rita Wilson, additionally 63, had been diagnosed with COVID-19 while they were in Australia preparing for his new film. Idiris Elba, 47, revealed on March 16 that he showed positive after he interacted with a companion who later discovered he had the infection.

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