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Idris Elba Disses The Conspiracy Theory That Celebrities Have Been Paid to Admit They Have Coronavirus, Calls It ‘Stupid’!

Idris Elba is slamming a paranoid notion that superstars have been paid to state they have coronavirus.

The entertainer, who tested positive for COVID-19 last week, took to Instagram Live to expose the gossip that as of late surfaced.

“I contemplate rich and poor and who’s getting it and who’s not, I believe, is certainly not a solid discussion,” Elba told his supporters.

“The topic shouldn’t revolve around whether a rich or poor person contracts the disease” he added. “I think that this pessimism around test-disgracing is proving to be counterproductive. I don’t perceive why people escape that. Furthermore, this thought somebody such as myself is going to be paid to state I have coronavirus, that is outright bullsh*t. Such sheer stupidness.”

“People wanna spread that as though it’s news. That is foolish,” he proceeded. “It’s the snappiest method to bring the people down. Also, there’s no advantage to me and Sabrina lying about a disease such as Corona. I don’t comprehend the rationale of that.”

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Elba, whose spouse Sabrina Dhowre, also tested positive, included that he’s “not an actor as of now.”

Turns Out His Apprehension Was A Reply To Cardi B

“I’m just a person who happened to contract the disease. However, just because I’m in the eye of the public, things are getting a bit difficult. So I need people to believe that this is genuine,” the Hobbs and Shaw star clarified. “Not a lot many people like me. It’s because I got a test since I contracted it.”

Elba recently disclosed that he chose to get tested. It was after discovering that somebody he had been in contact had tried positive.

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