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Wendy Williams Slams Lamar Odom & Fiancée Sabrina Parr By Calling Their New Show ‘Insignificant’!

Wendy Williams didn’t quite luke Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr’s decision to air their new relationship on reality TV. Furthermore, she thinks fans feel the same way as her!

Wendy Williams returned to YouTube for scene two of her new online talk show, Wendy @ Home, on March 24! Because she’s sitting in the solace of her home, doesn’t mean the 55-year-old moderator Lamar Odom, 40, and his fiancée, Sabrina Parr, 32, show any slack when their new unscripted tv show came up as a “Hotly debated issue.” Lamar and Sabrina had as of late reported their digital series. Furthermore, Hot New Hip Hop will air in the Spring of 2020. It will be in partnership with For Us By Us Network. However, Wendy wasn’t as pumped as the couple’s fans!

What Did Wendy Say About The Couple?

“Lamar and Sabrina, nobody gives a damn about your relationship,” Wendy said on her YouTube show. Ouch! She wasn’t finished attacking the couple who shocked fans — Lamar’s 17-year-old child included. “Sabrina is a holistic mentor yet she has a whole bunch of arrest pictures at the police station,” Wendy proceeded. All things considered, Sabrina in reality just has one mugshot after being captured for the attack in 2015. Wendy proceeded, “And Lamar says he’s a sex fiend and they state they would prefer not to engage in sexual relations until they get hitched.” After referencing Lamar’s children, Wendy out of nowhere stated, “You realize what, I feel filthy doing the story.” As you can see, this work-from-home circumstance isn’t influencing Wendy’s usual move of disses!

The anchor also launched her daily Youtube scenes from her New York City condo on Monday, March 23. The first episode shows Wendy reporting on what she’s been doing while in isolation.

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