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Bindi Irwin SURPRISES Her Fans By Making A Sudden Wedding Announcement!

Bindi Irwin declared that she wedded her long-time boyfriend, Chandler Powell. She did so in a little and close function on March 25, 2020. While Irwin had at first planned on getting married surrounded by her loved ones, the coronavirus pandemic constrained her to change her arrangements. Irwin and Powell said their promises only hours before Australia’s coronavirus constriction. As per the rule, a maximum of 5 people can be in a wedding.

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Luckily, Irwin bought her wedding dress months prior and had the option to wear it on her huge day. Powell picked a progressively laid-back look, wearing a buttoned-down shirt and khaki jeans. Irwin posted an image of both of them sharing their first kiss as a couple in an Instagram post. “There are no words to portray the amount of adoration and light in my heart right now,”  she wrote in the caption. “We’ve been planning this lovely day for almost a year and needed to make a huge difference, as we didn’t have visitors at our wedding. This was a troublesome choice yet essential to protect everybody.”

She included, “At this moment we’re urging the world to have love and hope, which will help us move forward during this significant time ever.”


Irwin, just as her plan, honored her father, the late Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, on her significant day. “Mum helped me prepare, Robert strolled me down the path, Chandler turned into my better half and together we lit a flame in Dad’s memory,” she wrote. “We shared tears and grins and love. Fortunately, since we as a whole life at Australia Zoo as a family, we could be there for one another.”

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Irwin made this announcement with a reminder to people to take social distancing seriously. “To whoever is reading this — social distance, stay safe, and don’t forget LOVE WINS!” she wrote.

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