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EXCLUSIVE: Drake and Rihanna Get Into A Hilarious Banter On Instagram!!

The former couple both looked into an Instagram Livestream banter between DJ Spade Muzik and DJ Night Owl Sound on Tuesday. When he saw that RiRi had joined the stream, Drizzy chose to have some fun by prodding her in the comments.

“Rih rih u can’t purchase your DJ a one Sonos speaker or something. Robyn, you can’t get him A one problem area,” joked Drake.
To which RiRi reacted,“Champs we waiting for your boys.”

“DUBPLATE COME PRETTY LIKE A FENTY FOUNDATION,” said Drake. “Hahahahaha. Fring said night owl pushed.”

However, Rihanna had her own jokes. She said to her ex,“Night owl, just go and drink lil chamomile and grease ya scalp.”

Drake asked her that she had a bad attitude problem. To which she asked him to get some water.

Drake even raised the topic that Rihanna hasn’t had been able to escape the delay of her long-awaited album. “Rihanna drops R12 now,” he said. Rihanna’s ninth collection, which fans have named “R9,” is yet waiting for its release.

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Drake has stayed active on social networking sites while isolated in his Toronto mansion. He has been springing up on Instagram live streams with his father Dennis Graham and Dabbing Granny. He also gave fans a tour of his wardrobe. Which had his extensive sneaker and jewelry collection. He revealed that he got tested for COVID-19 in the wake of spending time with Kevin Durant. However, the outcomes turned negative.

Meanwhile, Rihanna and her Clara Lionel Foundation donated $5 million to various organizations helping in fighting coronavirus.

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