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Lady Gaga Gets A Bay Area Tech Boyfriend Who Went To Harvard And Now Works For Facebook Billionaire Sean Parker

We don’t think of Lady Gaga as someone who follows trends.

In any case, there are a few patterns that are quite difficult to oppose — and that incorporates being a charming female star seeking the tech world for dating and marriage openings.

Over Super Bowl weekend, Gaga opened up to the world about her most recent relationship. The new man in the vocalist’s life is San Francisco-based tech speculator Michael Polansky, People and different outlets revealed.

Gaga’s Glorious Social Media

The 33-year-old Grammy and Oscar champ, in reality, made the relationship Instagram official by posting a photograph of both of them, nestling. Her subtitle peruses, “We had a great time in Miami. Love to all my little beasts and fans, you’re amazing!”

Surely, a source revealed to People that the couple “weren’t bashful about flaunting PDA” during Super Bowl weekend. “They appeared to be glad,” the source stated, including that the two met through common companions.

Gaga and Polansky were spotted sharing “an energetic kiss” on a gallery in Miami on Saturday, in front of her AT&T TV Super Saturday Night show, People revealed. The couple likewise were shot Sunday night, leaving Hard Rock Stadium after the Kansas City Chiefs vanquished the San Francisco 49ers.

Bits of gossip that Gaga had another relationship developed on Dec. 30 when she and Polansky, 36, were shot kissing at a steakhouse in Las Vegas, where the pop star has two residencies, “Puzzle” and “Woman Gaga: Jazz and Piano,” People said.

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Who Is Gaga’s New Boyfriend Polansky?

Polansky is a 2006 Harvard graduate in applied arithmetic and software engineering. Furthermore, he works with Sean Parker, the prime supporter of Napster and Facebook. He also works on various other ventures, according to his LinkedIn page. These incorporate the Parker Foundation, which was started in 2015. Furthermore, he works in life sciences, worldwide general wellbeing, urban commitment, and expressions of the human experience. All of this can be found on the foundation’s website. Polansky additionally sits on the leading group of the San Franciso-based Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. This company deals with malignant growth treatment.

Be that as it may, Gaga severed the commitment just before the 2019 Academy Awards. In the meantime, she and her “A Star is Born” co-star, Bradley Cooper, went through months at the focal point of bits of gossip and theory that they had become hopelessly enamored during the film’s generation.

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