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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Request For Early Release Rejected By The Judge!!

The judge dismissed Tekashi69′s request for early release on Wednesday. He stated that the law didn’t allow him to interfere in spite of how coronavirus could affect the asthmatic rapper. And suggested Hernandez and his legal team reach out to the Bureau Of Prisons directly.

Tekashi’s real name is Daniel Hernandez. He is currently serving a 24-month sentence as guilty to nine charges. These charges included conspiracy to murder and armed robbery. Tekashi is expected to complete his sentence on July 31.

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The rapper requested for an early release since he has asthmatic problems which makes him vulnerable to coronavirus. On Sunday, he sent a letter to the Manhattan Federal Judge Paul Engelamyer. In which his attorney asked for early release of the rapper as he was complaining of shortness of breath.

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Manhattan Federal Judge Paul Engelmayer stated in a three-page decision that he was concerned to Tekashi’s problem at the undisclosed private facility where he is completing a two-year sentence. However, his plea was dismissed on grounds that law didn’t allow them to grant him permission.

Furthermore, the judge stated that request for early release of those who has already been sentenced are handled by the Bureau of Prisons. Whereas, Engelmayer could find no law that allowed him to interfere.

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