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Travis Scott’s Protege Don Toliver Comes With A New Project ‘Heaven or Hell’!!

The 25-year-old Houston singer, Don Toliver asks for introduction in his song “No Idea,” the lead single from his new project, Heaven or Hell, released this month. “First things first, let me get that introduction,” he trills. “We on a long road to self-destruction.”

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Toliver’s song is composed of flighty flutes and his uninhibited vocals. The track sounds from the outset like it could make for a hip-hop tune, then changes into to a greater degree of pop gearbefore settling into a decidedly R&B rhythm. Toliver’s vast way to deal with genre is perplexing. That makes his song much more demanding. Furthermore, “No Idea” became popular on TikTok, with millions of individual videos using the melody as a soundtrack. Also, “No Idea” broke into the Billboard Hot 100, graphing as high as number 43 in late December of 2019.

In spite of the fact that he’s been releasing music for just a couple of years, Don Toliver knows how to draw listeners’ attention and build a sense of intrigue. He gained popularity in August 2018 with the release of Travis Scott’s Astroworld. Toliver was on the fan top pick “Can’t Say.” However, Toliver’s recognition wasn’t immediate. The album’s track list didn’t feature guests, and many misidentified Toliver as NAV, a Canadian artist.

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In the 2019 Netflix documentary Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly, Scott mentions Don Toliver and says, “This kid is, like, he thinking on some whole other shit”. He said that he was inclined towards that. In a later scene, Toliver tells why signing with Scott was such an earth shattering move. “I’m from Houston and I’m a fan of Travis, of course,” Toliver says. “We just vibed. He truly had faith in me. Travis just took heed to it.”

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