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Apharan Is Expected To Be Back Soon With A New Season!! Watch Out For More!!

Apharan season 1 was one of the most successful series to be presented before the audience. It survived the criticism and earned rave reviews. This series has been set as a 70’s era with action and suspense-packed plot. The first season of the series was highly appreciated and loved by the viewers due to its gripping narratives and speedy screenplay. The series had fantastic twists and turned along with the thrilling storyline. The immersive background music used to electrify the situation.


Alt Balaji is coming up with its second season of web series Apharan. This online streaming platform has already created waves amongst the digital audiences by providing them numerous successful web series in different forte. In order to keep up with the expectations of the viewers, the second season is expected to roll out pretty soon. The huge audience base is obviously keeping the production team on their heels. However, no official dates have been issued on their behalf. It is a matter of time and waits with patience upheld to see when we get a chance to reveal the news of the release.


Season 2 is eagerly awaited by its loyal viewers as season 1 had exceptional star cast, which includes actors like Arunoday Singh, Varun Badola, Nidhi Singh, Mahi Gill, etc. in the lead roles.
Curiosity lies under the hood to see whether the previous cast makes the cut entirely, or are there any changes in it.


The story of the first season of series was set in the Uttarakhand region of India. It is a story of a cop who finds himself in the situation where he has to struggle not only for money but for his wife also. He came across various challenges, including kidnapping, which involved a murder unknowingly. The most challenging part and the twist of the story unleashed when the cop has to investigate his own crime. The 70’s touch gives the plot an added angry young man and a sturdy concept about the progress of the show, which claimed appreciation from all corners.
The second season has enormous shoes to fill. The success of the primary season raised the expectations by greater margins, and fans would be looking forward as to how the second season unfolds.

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