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Can Comicstaan Be A Success As Its Earlier Seasons??

Are you the sort of person who loves to unwind after an extended, stressful day with a few stand-up comedy? Let’s face it, not anything suits as much as a few heartfelt laughter – whether or not it comes within the form of a meme or Amazon Prime Video’s popular comedy reality display – Comicstaan.

When we say that Comicstaan 2 is worth your treasured time, we aren’t joking. Don’t get us incorrect; we loved the primary season of Comicstaan. It gave us hilarious comics like the hilarious Rahul Dua, the underrated Shankar Chugani, the quirky Prashasti Singh, and of the path the properly-deserved winner, Nishant Suri. Season 2 takes all the awesome things the show already had and made it better!

To start with, the decide’s desk just were given lots greater a laugh. While some of the antique judges like Kanan Gill, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kaneez Surka, and Kenny Sebastian remained at the panel, they were joined by using our very own sakht launda, Zakir Khan, Neeti Palta and host turned judge, Sumukhi Suresh. Joining Abish Mathew as a bunch for the season is Urooj Ashfaq, who you may have seen in numerous AIB films in the past.

Diving Into Comicstaan World

The format and concept of the show stay identical. There are 10 contestants vying for the identical spot because of the high-quality stand-up comic in us of a. Each episode is mentored through one of the judges and focuses on one sub-genre of comedy. Prime Video launched three of the episodes at one cross on the release date, and we watched them multi-functional sitting!

What makes the season sincerely shine? It’s the notable entourage of younger comics, the contestants of direction! While Season 1 had some clean humorous voices and some no longer-so-humorous ones, every comic inside the new season is wonderful, specific, and no holds barred! It’s clear that the stakes were raised, and the fine of comedy has gone up against numerous notches. We’re rooting for Aakash Gupta, Shreeja Chaturvedi, and Samay Raina, especially!

Our favourite episode? It needs to be episode four: Topical Comedy, mentored by using Neeti Palta. The episode additionally consists of the primary 10/10 score in Season 2!

A few years lower back, having a profession in stand-up comedy turned into impossible. But shows like Comicstaan provide the proper platform, incredible mentorship, and supply young comics the wings to fly. It is not the simplest an important show; it’s additionally one you are sure to very well enjoy!

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