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If Fashion Is What You Live For, Don’t Forget To Watch The New Amazon Prime Show “Making The Cut”!!

If fashion is one of the things that you just completely live and can’t live without this show is absolutely for you. Supermodel Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are officially back with a new project and it’s even bigger and better this time.

Making The Cut: Live The World Of Fashion Like Never Before!

The show is inspired by the overnight success of Project Runaway, the new Amazon Prime show is titled Making The Cut. The show is like a new breath of fresh air with a new panel. of judges and the stakes are even higher this time!

The new Amazon Prime show will test the ever reaching limits of 12 designers to see if they have what it takes to not only create beautiful clothing but also to build a global brand that goes beyond everything. Take a look at the trailer to get a glimpse.

The Show Is All About Fashion In This Changing Global Scenario!

In today’s ever-changing world of fashion, it takes a lot more than just an eye for fabrics and sewing skills. Klum has talked about the purpose of the show that is to find a real global brand. Klum further adds that this show will them the opportunity to redeem themselves by speaking to us and explaining possibly why their design came out the way it came out.

The core idea behind the show is to shape and prepare a designer who can truly flourish and survive in this changing global fashion space. Don’t forget to catch the fashion world like never before.

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