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Poison 2: Latest Updates, Cast , Plot And Release Date With Flashback into Season 1!!

Poison is an Indian Hindi Language web series that is streaming on ZEE 5. The season 1 of the  11 episode web series is written by Shiraz Ahmed and directed by Jatin Wagle. The season 1 of the series takes premise from the iconic Bollywood flick, Cape Fear. Altus Media has produced the series. Recently ZEE 5 announced the Season 2 of Poison.

 Flashback of season 1:

The story is a revenge thriller where the protagonist is falsely incarcerated for the rape and murder of a minor girl. As soon as he serves his time in jail, he goes about extracting clinical, cold-blooded revenge from those whose wronged him. But while Cape Fear portrayed the protagonist to be pure evil, Poison depicts him to be in various grey shades.


The producers released the poster for season 2 of the web series Poison. The poster starred by Aftab Shivdasani and Raai Laxmi who will be making their official digital debut. The other cast member includes Vin Rana, Rahul Dev, Taher Shabbir, Puja Chopra and many more.

Release Date:

The season 1 aired in April 2019. The season 2 of Poison will air on 30th April 2020 on the ZEE 5 platform.

Why watch Poison?

 The new cast of the second season is pretty much excited for their characters.” I’m quite happy to be part of Poison Season 2 as I’ve always wanted to play an edgy character and the script of ‘Poison’ gave me just that. I’m also excited to work with ZEE5 as well as director Vishal Pandya who has been a friend for a long time. Also, the webspace is something I haven’t explored so far, so I’m happy to explore that too,” said Aftab.

For binge-watchers, the several twists and turns in the screenplay make Poison an entertaining view. For the episodic watchers, the twists and turns will be a surprise as they go through the episodes day after day.  The several story arcs leave scope for a further introduction of almost every character in the series.

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