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Stranger Things dropped a new teaser of season 4 and it has blown the fans away!!

The primary issue with Stranger Things 3 was that the vast majority of the scenes felt very like the initial two seasons. Regardless of the auxiliary and story similarities, however, Stranger Things Season Three ended in a more delightful spot than seasons one and two. When the last scene closed, Hopper was supposedly dead, Eleven had lost her forces, and by one way or another, the Russians had a baffling American detainee and a Demogorgon.

Presently, on account of a disturbing mystery discharged by Netflix Friday morning, we know who that secretive detainee is. It’s none other than Detective Hopper, resurrected, clearly. The see shows a line of severe specialists working on who recognizes what and turns out one of them is Hopper, who went full 2017 Chris Pine and hummed his hair off. Along these lines, yes—it would appear that Stranger Things 4 is going full Rocky IV and setting some portion of its story in Russia.

Every one of that sets the arrangement up for intriguing things to come. In September, Netflix formally reported Stranger Things would be returning for a fourth season. Even though no definite date has been shared at this time, we can almost certainly expect it at some point in 2020. Netflix imparted the news to a mystery that additionally incorporated the slogan “We’re Not in Hawkins Anymore,” which has all the earmarks of being a gesture to where things left off in Season Three.

To start Season Four with the Byers and Eleven living outside of Hawkins, with Eleven despite everything missing her forces, and Hopper in Russia makes for a considerably more intriguing reason than the equality we found in Season Three.

With the “American” filling in as one of the large cliffhangers—we currently realize this is Hopper, obviously—a potential diagram for a fourth season starts to come to fruition. Eleven must make sense of how to recover her forces to stop whatever intruding the Russians are as yet doing with the Upside Down. The pack must rejoin to spare Hopper from whatever destiny came to pass for him on account of the Russians. What’s more, potentially they even collaborate with Dr Brenner, who has the response to everything.

Prior to Friday’s huge mystery, the cast had been cagey about a Season Four. David Harbor disclosed to ET that he trusted Hopper some way or another profits in another season; however he had no clue what was happening.

“I know as much as you. I’ve seen the last scene—it’s remarkable, it’s sublime. What Hopper does and what befalls him, he acts like the individual he is intended to be. And afterwards, there is this riddle toward the end,” he said. ‘I don’t generally have the foggiest idea about what will occur, yet on the off chance that you discover from the Duffer Brothers, let me know.”

In the interim, star Gaten Matarazzo disclosed to Como UK that he was additionally in obscurity about a Season Four.

“We don’t have the foggiest idea whether there will be a season 4,” Matarazzo said. “Nothing’s at any point truly affirmed, nothing’s without a doubt presently. We know nothing about that – that is on lockdown. It’s excessively close… I believe it’s too soon to call. We know essentially as much as the fans do at this moment, which I sort of like.”

In this way, having gorged each of the eight scenes of Season Three, the fate of Stranger Things stays a puzzle, beside the short impression we saw of Soviet Hopper. In any case, we can concur that the stage is set for a promising Season Four, and even though very little else is affirmed at this point, the demonstrate coming back to respond to these inquiries is as likely as Eleven recovering her forces.

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