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The Last Hour !! Amazon Prime Expands On Indian Terrain ONCE MORE!

Amazon Prime has promised of some new flock of sequels as well as a new contingent of shows. It could well be said that new arenas of production are being explored and the audience are being given a chance to savour dishes from a platter. One such show which was promised was a thriller by the name of THE LAST HOUR.


The shooting of the series began last year, and according to sources, the show is ready to roll out. However, with the recent development of world demography owing to the Corona Virus issues, clouds of uncertainty looming over the releasing dates of the show. Yet netizens are hoping that the show will roll out in the first half of the year itself. Everything remains uncertain as of now.

Amit Kumar helms the Last Hour with Oscar-winning director Asif Kapadia acting as an executive producer. The crime thriller will come with a supernatural twist. The cast includes famed actor Sanjay Kapoor and sensational Raima Sen. this star-studded show is expected to take the audience in awe. The presence of two versatile actors as the lead is expected to weave chemistry which everyone would love to see.

Since the trailer is yet to drop, everything remains under the foggy terrain. Nothing could be revealed about the plot and the progress of the storyline. However, putting a blind faith upon the actors and such a beautiful production unit won’t be such a risk. Expectations are high, and hopefully, the audience won’t be disappointed by the result.

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