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A Bizarre Happening Has Come To Light As A Man Was Caught Having Inter-Course With A Chicken

In a bizarre incident, a man was caught having sex with a chicken on CCTV camera. The man was imminently taken into custody and put on trial. He was later released. Really makes you wonder about the humanity. Here’s more about the insane incident.

The incident as it happened

The Homerville man is currently confronting a lawful offense inhumanity charge subsequent to being found having intercourse with the flying creature, the Clinch County Sheriff’s Department affirmed. Reinaldo Pineda, 69, of Chester Mattox Road, was accused of savagery on Tuesday, March 17.

As indicated by Sheriff’s Department Investigator James Smith, the Clinch County Sheriff’s office got a tip about surveillance camera video demonstrating Pineda having sex with the creature on February 26 this year. The episode happened at a business egg creation office.

Police Verdict-

Smith said he has affirmed the man explicitly ambushing the chicken in the video was Pineda. Pineda was discharged on bond under the condition he not go anyplace close to the office. After three days he was accused of making terroristic dangers. In a video Pineda purportedly compromised others, saying he would “shoot them every like pooch” and afterward shoot himself. He was again discharged on bond. Inhumanity is a lawful offense in Georgia, and a conviction conveys with it a sentence of one to five years in jail.

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