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Boris Johnson’s Positive Coronavirus Test Attracts Dozens Of Memes From Netizens.

The latest news surfaced recently that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus. However, after hearing this Twitter saw a major meme explosion.

It is the usual habit of the internet to turn every news into memes. However, there’s a lot of anger at the prime minister. The anger is over his ill-handling of the outbreak of coronavirus.

His initial strategy of “Herd Immunity” was criticized by many for being both callous and ineffective. Furthermore, his late decision for a lockdown has permitted the virus to spread much more aggressively than it would have with an earlier isolation decision.

It seems that Johnson didn’t seem to take the virus much seriously before it got too late. He was bragging about shaking hands with coronavirus patients in early March. Furthermore, he also motivated everyone else to keep shaking hands with the patients and others. He also discouraged practicing social distancing.

However, it has now proven to be something grave and is now coming back to bite him.

Many delightful memes gave been made by the users of Twitter. A lot of these memes are worth taking a look at.

Moreover, many other brought up the issue of scarcity of ventilators. Furthermore, the government missed the deadline to join the European Union. Now, they are all dependent on Dyson (the vacuum manufacturer) for procuring them.

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