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Two Men Rob A Woman While Her Baby Was In The Driveway.

Two men face burglary, robbery and youngster disregard charges for assaulting a lady inside a Wawa store close to Kissimmee while she utilized the ATM, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office said. The casualty waved to agents at the Wawa at 2148 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway about 2:25 p.m. Walk 17, the Sheriff’s Office said.

What the woman had to say-

She told specialists she had been utilizing the ATM when a man approached her, took her cash and brutally tossed her to the ground, the organization said in an announcement. The burglar at that point ran from the store.

Delegates decided the attacker had been dropped off by an assistant driving a dark Toyota Scion.

At the point when analysts found the vehicle hours after the fact close Oakwood Drive and Buenaventura Lakes Boulevard, they said they kept two men inside, 18-year-old Kevin Serrano and 19-year-old Jefferson Feliciano — and found a 1-year-old youngster in the rearward sitting arrangement.

The men conceded their inclusion in the burglary and that the kid was with them during it, delegates said.

Two men were dealing with a child when they burglarized a lady who was utilizing an ATM at a Florida accommodation store, specialists said.

Who were the men-

Jefferson Feliciano, 19, and Kevin Serrano, 18, were captured not long ago and accused of burglary without a weapon, kid disregard and petit robbery, as per an Osceola County Sheriff’s Office news discharge.

Representatives were waved to March 17 at a Kissimmee Wawa, where a lady revealed to them she had been getting cash from an ATM inside the store when a youngster got the money and tossed her to the ground. Delegates decided the man had fled by walking and bounced into a dark Toyota Scion.

Criminologists found the vehicle a few hours after the fact and saw it as involved by Feliciano, Serrano and a 1-year-old youngster. Examiners said the two adolescents conceded their inclusion in the burglary and recognized that the kid was in the vehicle during the robbery.

Authorities didn’t distinguish the youngster or its relationship to Feliciano and Serrano.

Prison records didn’t list lawyers for Feliciano or Serrano.

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