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REVEALED: How ‘Naked’ Angelina Jolie Seduced Brad Pitt While Filming Mr and Mrs Smith!

Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt’s love life has been put under the magnifying lens as of late, with fans thinking about whether the he is with anyone or not.

First Khloe Kardashian threw her name into the ring by spouting that she’s a soft corner for Brad. It was before rumors stirred that he and his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston are back together.

Brad and Jen split up in 2005. However, they got married in Malibu ceremony in 2000. He also married Angelina Jolie while he was still married to Jen. He met Angelina on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith.

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Angelina and Brad were linked when they played on screen as a couple. And Angelina apparently dumping her underwear during sex scene. While Brad was as still married to Jennifer Aniston.

In an interview, Angelina,s former bodyguard Mark Behar told that the chemistry between the two was clear from the start. He said that it wasn’t surprising that they got married. However, he said that he found them making out on set.

Another source told the production that Angelina used to seduce Brad by removing her underwear during a love scene.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston 'still together and planning secret ...

They told in the end she shunned the suit and climbed in bed with him naked! They said that it was the biggest thing they could remember from the movie. However, Brad and Angelina split in 2016.

Another source told that Brad and Jen have discovered their spark again. And said that Jen never stopped loving him even though he broke her heart and left her for Angelina Jolie.

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