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Is Derry Girls Getting Canceled After The Third Season? A Cast Member Has Done Some Interesting Revelation!

It seems like after two successful back to back seasons, fans are curious about Derry Girls’ future. Some are gearing that the show might get canceled after all. Here’s some news about the show.

Is Derry Girls Season 3 Actually Happening? Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, Tommy Tiernan, who is an Irish comedian who plays Erin’s dad Gerry recently appeared on Jason Manford’s Absolute Radio show for an interview. He might have hinted at the show’s end very soon. The actor suggested this latest series, which will hopefully air this year, will be the last as well. So is the third season going to be the last one?

Although fans can relax as the creator of the show has confirmed about the show’s future beyond season three, saying that they are still plotting and the future is still not confirmed yet in a sudden cancellation.

The Show Creator Says They Are Still Plotting Beyond Season 3!

Moreover, the filming for season three is yet to start, and night starts soon after this recent health crisis subsides! As fans saw in the second season finale, James was all set to move back to England to live with his mum. However, he decided to stay again after realizing how much his friends meant to him.

The third season might be focusing on James and how he fits into the group now that he is a self-proclaimed Derry girl as the girls name him an official Derry Girl. They all share a hug during a presidential visit by American president Bill Clinton took place. Till the third season comes

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