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Is BBC Going To Renew Sherlock Holmes For Yet Another Season After The Long Hiatus??

It’s been quite a long time since the fourth season of popular show Sherlock Holmes have bid us farewell. The wait is so long that fans have more or less lost hope about a fifth season. Although we might have some interesting news on this show.

Sherlock Holmes Season 5: Release Date, Plot Development And Other Details.

Apparently, showrunner Steven Moffat revealed in an exclusive interview that he hasn’t given the fifth season much thought. The co-showrunner Mark Gatiss is also busy with another project at this point. So the future of the show is not quite clear at this point.

While fans were shocked to see when the makers introduced Sherlock’s sister Eurus in the fourth season to turned put to be an expert manipulator. She exhibits excellent qualities similar to her brother but makes a shocking revelation of killing Sherlock’s best friend in his childhood days. Till then have a look t the show’s manga adaptation images!

Is Sherlock Holmes’ Sister Eurus Going To Return For Season 5?

However, it seems like Sian Brooke who played the role of the sister is quite keen to be on board with the idea. The actress further said that she would love to revisit the character. She believes that one does not get to play this kind of role quite often. The character is definitely not a normal one and is a challenging yet exciting role to play for the actress.

While both Moffat and Benedict Cumberbatch have shown interest in a fifth season, there is no official confirmation yet. So, the fate of any season is really in grave uncertainty at this point. It seems like only time will decide whether we are getting season or not. Till then all we can do is hope for a fifth season pretty soon enough.

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