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Is Carnage A Part Of The Second Venom Movie? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About!

Venom is one of the most important assets of Sony Universe Of Marvel Characters (SCMU). Venom is basically a symbiote who is a villain of Spiderman in the Marvel comics. But the SCMU as a different approach to the story of this character. Sony released the Venom movie in 2018, describing the origins of Venom and the other symbiotes. The first part of the movie focuses on the origin of the symbiote, and the second half mainly focuses on the development of the bond between its host. There is an exciting news for the fans. Venom will be back on the big screen soon with its sequel in production.

 When Will Venom 2 Release In The Box Office?

Sony Pictures has plans for the ‘Morbius,’ another Spiderman villain. Hence Venom 2 will release a bit late. Venom 2 is currently slated for 2nd October 2020. But the release dates of both the movies will be hampered because of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19.

Who Will Be In This Sequel Of Venom?

Tom Hardy will reprise his role as Eddie Brock, who is the host body for Venom. Michelle Williams is also set to intensify the charm of the sequel by returning as her former character Anne Weying, Eddie’s ex-fiancee. New characters will be bring the sequel in the spotlight as a new crew will join the cast members from the first movie. There is rumor of Tom Holland’s Spiderman will appear in this sequel. It may happen, you never know!

What Is The Plot And Who Will Be The Big Bad This Time?

Riot is out of the picture as everyone saw him get demolished last time. Hence Venom 2 will strengthen the bond of Eddie and his symbiote. Plus, the mid-credits scene in the last part gave a pretty good idea of who the big bad will be. Eddie meets Cletus Kasady- the character of Woddy Harrelson, a prisoner. Where Cletus promises Eddie,” When I get out of here, and I will, there’s going to be Carnage.” They themselves dropped the idea of the next big bad in the first part itself.

There is a strong chance of Carnage being the big bad for the sequel of Venom. Carnage is a sort of ‘offspring’ to Venom as Venom shreds a part of it while helping Eddie escape the prison. Carnage deeply bonds with Kasady, and it adapts to the violent attributes of Kasady. Whatever happens, there will be blood, as Carnage will set his eyes on Venom as its competitor!

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