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Cameron Diaz Is Making Headlines Due To Her Instagram Pin A Comment Fiasco! Have a Look.

If you also seem to have social media issues at times, it seems like you are not the only one. This celeb is making headlines after she pretty much messed up her social media skills!

Cameron Diaz Is All Tech Savvy In This New Quarantine Period! Have a Look.

Apparently, our new mommy Cameron Diaz hosted an Instagram live chat with an actress and Beekeeper’s Naturals Carly Stein; however, during the conversation, Diaz attempted to talk herself through the steps required to accurately pin a comment on Instagram! This hilarious fail was noticed by the actress as well as she giggled her way through it.

Fans cannot help but relate to this adorable and hilarious moment that the Knight and Day actress went through. After carefully pinning the comment and making fans understand why Diaz and Stein are talking about, Diaz took great pride in her tech savviness! Take a look at this breakfast meal that the actress uploaded a couple of days ago.

The Actress Is Being Active In Her Instagram Account, During This Lockdown.

During this quarantine period, Diaz had become quite the Instagram star and is pretty active on social media with images of delicious breakfast meals; she is also busy with her mommy task towards their adorable baby girl Raddix as well.

She shares the daughter with husband Benji Madden, who gave his wife a surprise on Mother’s Day thanking her and will be forever grateful for making him a proud father of an adorable baby girl. However, both of them have not shared any images of the baby in order to protect their privacy away from the media limelight. Cameron Diaz kept the pregnancy a hush-hush affair as well with an announcement made after the birth of their daughter during the New Year!

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