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Lady Gaga’s Account Got hacked, This Leaving All The Information Exposed!

A couple of days before Stranger Things actor got his Twitter account hacked; now it seems like several other celebs have fallen victim to this hacking issue, these celebs include Lady Gaga as well! Let us look into it for details.

A Group has Hacked Lady Gaga And Other Celebs Personal Details. Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, a group of A-listed celebrities, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj, have their data stolen by a group of hackers.

The news has been further confined by a media-based law firm which reported that all the confidential information stolen by the hackers includes important personal details like contracts, nondisclosure agreements, phone numbers, email addresses, and private correspondence. This is not the first time any celeb got their account hacked, and thus, all their secured information was in danger.

What Else Have Been Revealed From This Ongoing Issue?

Moreover, after much investigation on the issue, it was finally discovered that the hacking was conducted by group Ravil, which also operates under the alias Sodinokibi. They usually also demand a heft amount in various cases.

The First news of the security invasion surfaced last weekend on dark web forums when the group uploaded an excerpt of a contract for Madonna’s 2019-20 Madame X tour with Live Nation as proof. The celebs have yet not said anything about the issue, and it seems like investigations are still going on.

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