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Kaleen Bhaiyaa Reveals {The Story Line & The Release Date} For Mirzapur Season 2!!

Mirzapur is a spine chilled crime thriller web television series on Amazon Prime Video. The series is produced by Excel Entertainment. The creators Karan Anshuman and Puneet Krishna have won the hearts of the audience by creating a plot like Mirzapur. It revolves around drugs, guns and lawlessness. The season 1 of this action drama released in November 2018. As Amazon is regrouping its resources for a fruitful quarantine, the streaming giant is renewing most of the popular Indian shows and will be releasing some shows too. One of the renewed show is Mirzapur. Yes, you heard that right, Mirzapur is renewed for a second installment.

What Will Be The Plot Of Mirzapur Season 2?

After what happened in season 1, Guddu will be going after Munna Bhaiyya and his father who is the crime lord of Mirzapur- Kaleen Bhaiyya. Guddu will be full of rage considering Munna Bhaiyya’s actions in the previous season. There will be a tough fight for power in Mirzapur.

What Is The Release Date Of This Second Season Of Mirzapur ?

As the season 1 of this crime thriller released back in November 2018, the second arrangement is set to air on Amazon Prime Video sometime in November 2020. But exact official date is not yet determined.

Who Will Star In Mirzapur 2?

Pankaj Tripathi will reprise his role as Kaleen Bhaiyya- the crime lord of Mirzapur. Divyendu Sharma will return as Munna Bhaiyya- Kaleen Bhaiyya’s son. Ali Fazal will portray Guddu Pandit. Other actors from season 1 will be available for the second arrangement. Vikrant Massey’s ‘Bablu’ won’t feature in Mirzapur 2 as he was killed by Munna Bhaiyya in the previous season.

What Can Expect From Mirzapur Season 2?

One can pure action drama as revenge full Guddu will go toe to toe against Munna Bhaiyya who is the murderer of his spouse ‘Sweety’ and brother ‘Bablu’. Kaleen Bhaiyya will have a major role as his opponent, Guddu, won’t show mercy to Munna. One can expect violence and action along with the glamour that comes in the cast members. Whatever happens, whoever wins, the audience will be witnessing an ultimate fight in Mirzapur!

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