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Can We Expect A Second Installment Of Asur? Here’s Every Detail One Needs To Know About!

Asur is an Indian crime thriller web series directed and created by Oni Sen. The series airs on Voot. The series is set on recent times and revolves around a serial killer. The series marks the debut of Arshad Warsi on the small screen.

What Is Asur All About?

The story is based in the religious town of Varanasi. The plot revolves around Nikhil Nair a forensic expert turned teacher who returns to the Central Bureau Of Investigation to work with his former mentor to help in a cat and mouse chase of the serial killer named Asur. The story is a blend of suspense and mythology in a very balanced proportion.

What Is The Release Date Of Asur Season 2? 

As of now the show hasn’t been shown a green light for a series renewal. But the fans as well as the critics belive the show will have a second installment. As the show is not renewed officially, there is no official discharge date yet. But the show will air sometime in 2021, as many productions have been delayed due to suddenly issued lockdowns. The box office business is supposed to resume as soon as the global crisis is in control.

What Will Be The Cast Of Season 2 Of Asur?

Amey Wagh could have a bigger function as he is revealed to be Shubh closer to the finishing. Arshad Warsi as Dhananjay Rajpoot and Barun Sobti as Nikhil Nair will continue to be indispensable to the collection. Hence, the 2 lead actors can also be expected to be part of the second season. Sobti has been a tv actor who has made the switch to internet series seamlessly. Whilst Arshad Warsi is an established Bollywood big name.

What Will Be The Plot Of Asur Season 2?

The dynamic plot has proved itself to be mentioned in the top-notch category. The important part of the series is the killer is what he is because of the mistreatment towards his father, whereas his sense of justice is biased due to his religious beliefs. The ending of season 1 has paved the way for the season 2 of Asur. At the end, the two suspects who thought to be Shubh are caught, but neither of them is Shubh. It indicates Rasool from the CBI is Shubh Joshi.

Whatever happens, the upcoming installment of Asur will be full action and thrill. There is pretty much story left to discuss as Dhananjay has said it rightfully,” Ye game Lamba jayega!”

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